Pet Taxi

It’s hard enough to find time for all the human appointments you have to keep up on let alone your pet’s. With our schedules so jam packed and most pet care providers such as vets, groomers and daycare only being open bankers hours when can one find the time to properly care for their pet? I’m stressed just thinking about it!!

Dog-Driving-Carpuppy seat

No worries!
Woof n Wag has you covered! We will pick up your pet, deliver them to their appointment and deliver them back home. We can either drop off and pick up or stay and wait. Up to you. We can even schedule the appointment for you so we can easily fit it into our schedule and ensure your pet gets their treatments on time.

$20 pick up / drop off + $0.50/mile from pick/up to drop off at home + $15/hr waiting room. + Cost of service if not pre-paid.