In Home Pet Sitting

You know that look your friend or family member gets when you ask the to take care of your critters while you and your sweetie take a much needed "human only" getaway? Yeah, you know. The "OMG, I can't believe they want me to watch that monster AGAIN. But, I can't say no, their family!" look.

Or the look in your furry friend's eyes as they peer from behind the cage of the kennel you just dropped them off at with the 60 barking dogs. "Why are you abandoning me!?!?? I thought I was a good boy!!??"

Our Alternative
Woof n Wag is here to get your friends and family off the hook, reduce your dog's stress at your absence by keeping them on their REGULAR schedule, in their OWN home and severely reduce your stress and guilt so you can enjoy your much deserved vacation.

Our Pack Members will visit your pet in your home during the day and leave a diary of your pets antics while you were away. There is also the option of having a sitter stay with your pets overnight. We can even send you picture updates via text, email, so you don't miss any of those "cute" moments.

Included in all pet sitting services are home care details such as:
  • Bringing in the mail and newspapers
  • Doing a perimeter
  • Door and window check
  • Turning on and off lights to make it appear you are home,

For the Canines
Our minimum service for dogs is 2 visits per day but can visit more to ensure that they are getting on all right by themselves and not getting into mischief or having any unforeseen health issues.

We will:
  • feed & water,
  • let them out to potty
  • walk or play
  • scoop poop from the yard
  • administer any medications needed
  • provide lots of love so they don't miss you TOO much while your away.
  • Our rates are for two dogs. A $3 per dogs fee is applied above two.

For Kitties

Our minimum service for cats is one visit per day since cats tend to enjoy their solitude and most are self fed. We are happy to do more however if you have a kitty who has special needs or just needs the companionship.

We will:
  • feed & water
  • maintain the litter box
  • administer any needed medications
  • provide lots of play and/ or cuddles.
  • Our rates are for up to two kitties. A $3 per extra kitty applies above two.
Day Visits
30 min visit: $20
60 min visit: $25
Overnight Pet/In-House Sitting
$55 per night. 7pm-7am