About Woof-N-Wag

Our Dogma

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Dog Is EXERCISE!
  • At Woof N Wag we believe that individual, and custom care of each pet is the only way to ensure your pet gets the quality of life they deserve when you can’t be with them.  
  • We believe all pets need the appropriate amount of exercise to lead happy and healthy lives with their human family.  Most behavior and health issues arise from your pet not getting enough exercise.
  • We abhor animal abuse and will always take the appropriate action.
  • We support and take part in our community and local pet charities.
  • We respect all city laws when it comes to leashes and picking up after animals.

Our Mission
To help pet owners provide their pets with the highest quality of life possible when they can’t be with them.

Guaranteed Availability
Once you have become and established pack member (service contract & pet info on file and access to your home confirmed) you are GUARANTEED availability as long as you give us 72 hours notice.

Pack Referral Program
We believe the best way to grow our business is through happy customers. Any time you refer someone and they join our pack you will earn a free service. Referrals are unlimited and never expire so help us grow our pack!

About Our Pack Leader / Owner
Hi Everyone! My name is Deb Compagnone and I live in Dorchester and share my life with my Mishers, and our four dogs Luca, Sweetie Pie, Ginger, and Honey Bear. Yup that’s Sweetie Pie our business partner and she has the responsibility of Chief Canine Officer or CCO at Woof N Wag.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE animals. The reason I love working and being around animals so much is that they live in the moment. They don’t sit and worry about the future or feel guilty about the past. They remind me every day that as long as you have the basics in life such as food, water, shelter and love, things aren’t all that bad.

INSPIRATION I started Woof N Wag for a somewhat selfish reason so I could spend more time with my pups and do what I love: caring for and training dogs. I also realized there was a definite need for pet owners to be able to give their pets custom, individual care, provided by someone they trust. We all lead busy lives and I wanted to offer another helping hand to everyone who has a furry loved one who they can’t be with 24/7. I look forward to giving your pet the best quality of life possible when you can’t be with them. I look forward to you joining our pack!

Sweetie Pie CCO ( Chief Canine Officer)
Hi ya everyone! I help my Mom run Woof N Wag by keeping up on all things canine. I test all sorts of dog products such as clothing, grooming products, leashes and collars and (my favorite) toys and treats.

I also help Mom remember when it’s time to take a break and nap or play! Can’t be getting burned out now! I also keep an eye out for the best walking routes and trails in Dorchester that offer a good work out and scenery for dogs and people alike and the businesses that always have dog treats and water.

I am also here to help Mom interview new staff, assess their dog handling abilities and train them. I expect the best for myself and for our furry clients. I look forward to you and your pet becoming part of our pack!!”